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Who we are and what we do...
About Us
Jenesys is a leading provider of technology solutions and consulting services, catering to a wide spectrum of industries across the globe. Since inception in 2002, our agility, flexibility and on-time delivery have made us one of the most sought-after IT partners and it is reflected by our year-on-year growth in revenue, resources and customers.

Our extensive experience with technology, people, and leadership has helped us on the path towards our mission. Deep technological expertise and domain knowledge combine to provide us rich insights into what our clients need. This results in innovative solutions that benefit business, people, as well as communities.

We define our goals and establish based on the vision, mission and passion of Dreamers, Thinkers, Believers and Achievers... and most importantly, with Leaders who provide end-to-end technology solutions to most of the present day business problems. We do not stop by just providing solutions but ensure that futuristic systems are evolved from the same ideas and proactively advance for betterment. We thus stay as a reliable IT partner for our customers and our ideas also become their solutions.

And therefore, we say Jenesys is a place where ideas take flight!

  1. Joy, to relentlessly enjoy and be happy while serving our customers.
  2. Empathy, to understand even the smallest needs and constraints of our stakeholders and people.
  3. Novelty, to come up with unique and original solutions, customized to the need of the hour.
  4. Empowerment, to take ownership at all levels by authorizing the power of power within oneself and everyone

Our Values
"Responsible, Responsive and Happy"
"Empowering Innovative Solutions"
"Exceed Expectations"


'Be happy to be responsible and responsive' is how we describe our values. Primarily, everyone in our organization is expected to be happy. We have special programs to measure and set parameters of happiness, while keeping the sense of ownership with a big picture in mind. Being responsible ensures all traits that are required in the corporate world like integrity, ethics, professionalism, commitment with a right mix of attitude. And, responsiveness brings agility and interaction that is required to make things work successfully.


Backed by our innovation programs, we are always on the verge of providing new solutions for every problem. This takes shape when our people with the relevant expertise deliver solutions on time, within budget. Our customers also have the liberty to choose from our innovative ideas and then customize them to fit their specific needs.


We believe in setting the right expectations consistently across projects, programs and all initiatives. Setting right expectations means that it drives us towards apt conversations, estimates and measurement and thereby committing on what is possible to deliver. Jenesys's ability to derive solutions is equally matched by our ability to execute them. With the help of our well defined development and maintenance methodologies and practices, the agility, proactive risk management and robust project governance, ensure predictable project performance and delivery well within the financial parameters of our customers.And we always thrive to deliver more value beyond expectations.
Jenesys Advantage
What makes Jenesys the right technology partner for you?

Jenesys's edge is anchored on our people's ability and commitment that leads to long term advantages for our customers than looking for just immediate benefits. All our people, processes, technologies and delivery are centered around this philosophy.

Consulting-based approach:

Our consulting-based approach considers the 'as is' and 'to be' states of our customer requirements and that makes us a significant partner to our customers by bringing robust skills and a forward-looking approach to their challenges. We assess the situation, use our proven knowledge and provide expert guidance that is right for the customer.

Our strengths:

We provide excellent service and round the clock support, which are traits that all businesses desire in an ideal technology partner. Our proven track record comprising successfully implemented projects for businesses across the globe, including Fortune 500 giants, is testimony to our commitment to being an innovative technology consultant, working towards becoming pioneers in our field.

We provide a wide spectrum of technology services spanning multiple platforms, systems, and domains. We have flexible business models that help us connect with the client's vision, and our continuous technology adaptation and innovation ensures that we can sync with changes in client expectations and customize our solutions accordingly. We are extremely competitive and strive to flow with concurrent changes happening in the dynamic technology industry. Our solutions always have a high degree of scalability built into them, thus spreading their benefits enterprise-wide. Our user friendly and impressive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) provide a rich and interactive user experience which helps our clients conduct their operations in a smoother manner.

In sum, as a technology consultant, we
  1. Are a 'one stop shop' for all IT needs of businesses
  2. Have a proactive approach in understanding client needs
  3. Are application and product experts
  4. Have a value-driven partnership approach
  5. Provide training and staffing services
  6. Provide technology and knowledge transfer solutions
  7. Ensure negligible overheads in operations and governance
Our team comprises technically and functionally skilled experts who are self-motivated and knowledge-driven and believe in continuous learning and knowledge management. We ensure that we are always early adopters of new technologies before the need for them becomes prevalent among businesses. We are proud to state that we have less than 10 per cent attrition across our organization. We truly hire to retain.
Executive Team
Gautham Jenardhanan - Chief Executive Officer

Gautham has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, providing services and solutions to global customers. His two decades of corporate governance life includes serving as a Board member for multiple companies, an educational institution, and an association with FICCI, FKCCI & IACCI. He is mentoring several educational institutions for bridging the gap between academic excellence and corporate needs.

He also has vast exposure to technology solutions from Microsoft, Oracle and IBM and has a thorough understanding of business practices in the US, Europe, and Australia, having supported clients from varied industry verticals in these regions. His in-depth understanding of various technologies adds value to his vision of solving business problems through innovative technology solutions, and this approach created the right foundation for Jenesys. He is responsible for charting the strategic direction of the company.

Gautham is also a strong advocate of environment-friendly practices and has been at the forefront of several green initiatives at Jenesys.

Rajaraman Subramanian - Vice President, Systems Solutions

Rajaraman Subramanian, also known as Giri, has over 25 years of experience in establishing and leading systems and software engineering companies. Giri has an appealing track record of attracting, developing and retaining top talent in competitive job markets. Consequently, he possesses cross-functional expertise in business and technology. He has more than 12 years of experience in the storage and related industries. Prior to Jenesys, he was with EMC2, as Director of Engineering. He has also served companies like Adaptec as Managing Director and AMI as Unit Head. He joined both Adaptec and AMI as an early member of their management teams, responsible for setting up operations in India. Besides this, he also led their R&D teams. Giri believes that innovation comes naturally to teams built on trust and a sense of ownership. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science.

Giri is responsible for the successful expansion of the systems solutions group.

John Cherian - Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

John has over 19 years of experience in providing IT services to small and medium businesses as well as very large customers across various domains and geographies, primarily the US, Europe and ASEAN countries.

He is experienced in providing solutions involving a wide spectrum of technologies in Mainframe, AS/400 and 'i', Unix and Windows. He has been part of many project teams that successfully completed complex multiplatform projects (including .Net, Java, and IT consulting) and has received many awards. He has built and sustained successful technology practices and service groups in different companies, raised and managed high performance teams, and has extensively worked as customer support manager, account manager, and delivery/program manager in the onsite-offshore delivery model. His last stint was with MindTree Limited, as a Practice Head for their midrange technologies group.

John was privileged to write an IBM Redbook. He was a speaker in COMMON (the largest i user forum) annual conference and also serves as panel/speaker for various seminars/events in colleges and business schools.

John holds a masters degree in Information Technology and various certifications.

He is responsible for strategizing and driving enterprise solutions, ensuring optimized knowledge management and continuous improvement of Jenesys's corporate image, sales processes and business expansion.

Boopathi Veerappan - Director, Engineering

Boopathi is a post graduate in computer applications from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, and has more than 16 years of experience in the industry. He started out in American Megatrends India as part of AMI's well-known diagnostic software team (AMI DIAG). He was deputed to AMI's headquarters in the US in 1999, where he successfully designed and implemented solutions in Remote Management tools for many Fortune 100 companies.

Boopathi is an expert in NAS, Linux Kernel and Open Source development, Firmware and Device Drivers Development for multiple OS platforms, and also the testing of RAID products end-to-end. He briefly consulted with a multimedia startup on video decoding (H.264) in Linux, in the ARM platform.

As Director of Engineering at Jenesys, Boopathi is responsible for managing and delivering technology solutions to the end customer.

Madhan Muruganantham - Director, Systems Solutions

Madhan has more than 16 years of experience in the storage industry, specializing in RAID, BIOS, Configuration Utilities and related technologies. He has previously worked at AMI, LSI, Adaptec, HCL and PMC. He has lived and worked in technology-intensive locations like California, Atlanta and Taiwan. He holds a masters degree from College of Engineering, Guindy and a bachelors degree in Computer Technology from Coimbatore Institute of Technology.

Coming from a full time technology background, he is adept in the technology areas of BIOS, option ROM and utilities, embedded GUI, and UEFI and HII for RAID storage products. He is also well versed in MSVC, Windows utilities, DLLs and vendor interface libraries for storage products.

As Director of Systems Solutions, Madhan is responsible for delivering systems and storage solutions to our end customers.

Our Engagement
We provide various consulting services to clients, including advisory, strategy consulting, business and operations consulting, and technical consulting. We generally follow one of these delivery models:

Onsite Model:

If the client prefers this model, they can have our engineers deputed to their site, and thus can have close and frequent interactions with them to get a first-hand feel of the way the project is being handled. We work with the client's IT teams or implementation partners, providing them onsite delivery capabilities through our skilled team of project managers, consultants, software architects and engineers. This model is best suited when frequent interactions with the client are required along with ongoing development, support or maintenance. The model gives us flexibility and allows us to quickly scale up in scope and deliverables.

Offshore Model:

This model involves the deputing of one or more project co-ordinator/manager to the client's site to interface with the client and their team offshore. Development continues to be carried out of our facilities here in India, as we aim to simulate the client's environment here with dedicated resources including infrastructure. The client can use these resources on a continuing basis like their own for their operations. Project deliverables are sent through high-speed digital links, the internet, or any media of the client's choice.

The model is ideal when the project parameters are well-defined before the project starts getting implemented, so there is little need for constant interaction between Jenesys and the client. This is a highly cost-effective option.

Hybrid Model:

We also offer a third model, which involves 24/7 development services, with a mix of the offshore and onshore models. We achieve this by deploying a small team of software architects and engineers to the client's site, where they design the required applications and work in sync with our development team at our facilities in India, providing scalable and 'just-in-time' development capacity in a cost-effective manner. This way, the client can focus on their core business needs while we manage the software delivery. The onsite and offsite teams work as one cohesive unit.

This approach is effective when the project involves support, maintenance and application functionality enhancement on an ongoing basis. Typically, such projects require very quick response and turnaround times.

Dedicated Development Center

The Jenesys Dedicated Development Center (JDDC) works to fully support the client's existing processes in the form of design, development, Quality Assessment (QA), version control, backup, and recovery support. Additional support services that the JDDC provides include power backups, network and system security, security of IT and communication infrastructure, and IPR protection mechanisms for the client's products, projects, and technologies.

If the client prefers this model, they pay for pre-developed products, materials, process setups, and all resources deployed under a yearly contract. The billing of resources at the contracted rate and of other actual expenses, as approved by the client, is done on a monthly basis.
Green Credentials
We passionately believe in and practice the idea of a green workspace. We are conscious of the finite natural resources on the planet and their steady depletion, and take care to reduce our collective carbon footprint by doing all we can to make ours a 'green' office.

These are some of the green initiatives we have undertaken so far :
  1. We actively practice the three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, for our resources
  2. We take care to only buy products that have low or no formaldehyde, trichloroethylene or benzene in them
  3. We have plants that clean the air in our office
  4. We ensure good ventilation to afford sufficient air exchange
  5. We use only cleaning agents that are low in volatile organic content
  6. We encourage carpooling, and provide incentives to employees using public transport and bicycles
  7. Our workstations as well as furniture are made from eco-friendly materials that do not harm the environment
  8. We perform regular waste recycling
  9. We use only recycled stationery
About Us
Our Values
Jenesys Advantage
Executive Team
Our Engagement
Green Credentials