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Industry Verticals
Technology consulting across businesses
We have worked across industry verticals over the years and helped businesses in diverse domains bridge technological gaps by providing them cutting-edge solutions that address their unique needs. Our expertise in delivering effective application platform and business integration solutions have ensured that our clients across the globe now operate with the latest IT infrastructure that has been optimized for each of their individual businesses.

Our expertise spans across multiple industries, including telecom, healthcare, banking and financial services, governments, energy, and retail.
Our telecommunication solutions offer your organization the most value from its telecom systems. We enable you to build, maintain, operate, manage, and continuously improve your communications infrastructure. Telecom service providers can avail of our expertise in the domain combining high levels of skills and cost efficiencies.

The range of services we provide to the telecom industry includes the following:
  1. Intelligent services and solutions
  2. Telepresence solutions
  3. eLearning
  4. Integration of telecom services
  5. Mobile database management
Our core focus in providing telecom integration solutions is to combine business processes with IT strategy towards,
  1. Reaching and deepening relationships with customers
  2. Collaborating closely with business partners
  3. Enhancing workforce productivity
Medical institutions and experts across the world require responsive systems that can aid them effectively in their critically important work. We have real time experience in developing healthcare applications that adhere to all the norms of the HIPAA and other healthcare regulations. We have a solid track record of developing and installing extensive reporting systems that work seamlessly with existing hospital information systems.

Our enterprise solutions for hospitals include delivering browsers and handheld devices that have been configured with custom applications that can access clinical and administrative information. We also help sync information systems, databases, and legacy mainframes that are already in place.

Some unique features of our healthcare solutions are:
  1. We provide a wide range of applications and products
  2. We help ensure critical data monitoring and reporting
  3. We provide web-based as well as mobile-based solutions
  4. We set up simulations that can give clients a clear idea of how our systems customized for them would work, and implement any changes as per the client's specifications
Banking & Financial Services Industry (BFSI)
The financial services industry is very complex and updated information is of paramount importance. Whether the services provided by these institutions be that of secure online banking, brokerage, eCommerce, or other widely used and demanded facilities, we provide software solutions across a wide range of internet-enabled wireless and consumer electronic devices.

Salient features of our end-to-end solutions include:
  1. Application-level authentication
  2. Strong encryption
  3. Module integration across the internet as well as the corporate intranet
  4. Consistent and thorough support
We equip the IT departments of banks and other financial institutions to provide reliable, systematic, and scalable services to their end consumers. Some of our strengths for these initiatives include,
  1. Proven ability to manage and execute strategic plans
  2. Successful implementation of programs of varying size and scale
  3. Timely delivery of projects
  4. Innovative delivery models
  5. 24/7 support for mission-critical systems with stringent SLAs
With our expertise, banks can leverage the latest technology to derive insights from historical data. Along with providing them analytical tools to help them fine tune their business objectives as well as modify their plans towards reaching these, we also help banks engage in a smooth and real time manner with their partners and customers using the digital medium.

Some major services we provide to banks include,
  1. Banking applications support
  2. Applications for structural finance
  3. Portfolio management tools
  4. Payment gateway integration
We also work with our business partners in providing joint solutions to our clients, and are currently in the process of expanding our team to provide higher levels of support and consulting services for our BFSI customers.
Governments as well as public utilities agencies across the globe require information systems that bridge the gaps across their departments and their constituencies while ensuring that statutory and regulatory frameworks are adhered to at every level. We provide information management solutions that help maintain transparency in the course of ensuring effective communication.

Civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies across the world have vast amounts of electronic data, but many of these agencies are not aware of the amounts of data still stored in legacy systems and outmoded storage tools. To discover this information requires a heavy amount of manual work requiring significant manpower and consuming precious man hours that could be devoted to other, more significant work. To leverage this information into the public realm requires even more time and manual work. So there is an urgent need for effective information and knowledge management systems to achieve transparency, collaboration, and participation - the ultimate objectives of public institutions.

We've developed a sophisticated eGovernance model which shows how we approach various solutions oriented towards government bodies and public institutions. Please see (link for eGovernance section under Enterprise Solutions) to know how this model works.
Organisations involved in energy production and management require solutions that help improve sustainability. We offer strategic solutions that help integrate energy management across industries and yield measurable results in energy conservation and optimized production and consumption.

Our solutions help businesses in the energy sector achieve huge cost efficiencies and even help in intelligent estimation of and providing for risks posed by climate changes and economic flux.

Our energy solutions are aimed at achieving,
  1. Sustainable energy production
  2. Optimized energy consumption
  3. Efficient energy distribution
We are a staunch supporter of clean technology that makes the most effective use of natural resources without the resultant side effects of pollution and depletion of energy sources. We aim to provide eco-friendly and innovative solutions that rationalize power consumption and help conserve the environment.

Towards realizing our vision of implementing green energy solutions, we have developed a pioneering product called Integrated Energy Management System (IEMS), which helps our clients in the energy industry in,
  1. Energy planning
  2. Scalable implementation
  3. Multi-channel energy data reporting
Please visit IEMS product page to know more about this intelligent energy management solution.
The ever-expanding retail industry requires systems that help with the continuous movement of products across locations and geographies, as well as help manage complex day-to-day inventory operations. We provide scalable solutions to retailers that enable them to continue and expand their business operations without struggling with bottlenecks caused by information gaps.

Our specialised solutions for the retail industry include:
  1. Supply chain management
  2. In-store management
  3. Business intelligence
We also specialise in providing performance monitoring solutions for retailers, whose businesses involve,
  1. Multiple stores
  2. Multiple warehouses
  3. Geographically separated facilities
Our solutions help retail businesses better manage customer data across multiple business channels while improving customer service as well as marketing strategies. Our data management and business intelligence tools help increase efficiencies in the supply chain, resulting in,
  1. Improving the rate of transfer of products from warehouses to store shelves
  2. Huge cost savings in storage and shipping/transportation
  3. Increased customer satisfaction due to availability of fresh products whenever needed
Our expertise in delivering multi-channel retail solutions helps our retail clients complete their order fulfillment more satisfactorily and thus help increase their customer base as well as revenue. Equally important, retailers get solutions to one of their most pressing problems, achieving scalable operational efficiency. Once they are able to achieve improvements in this area through our solutions, they can make and implement better decisions and provide a better all-round experience to their customers.

Our partnerships with enterprise products and smart commerce vendors such as Oracle and IBM allow us to set and improve best practices in channel management. Our mobile commerce solutions help retailers reach their customers quicker and retain their attention more consistently with great offers as well as allow them to have quick and easy transactions and in sum, increase customer loyalty.

Our eBusiness model, which includes our mobile retailing concept, explains our approach clearly. See the eBusiness model diagram
Banking & Financial Services Industry (BFSI)
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