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Partner Solutions
Collaboration for excellence
Some important questions for any business to consider are:
  1. Do you know what is stopping you from improving your cost overrun and time to market?
  2. Haven't been able to predict your time to market due to numerous unexpected iterations?
  3. Are you looking for automation solutions over manual ones?
  4. Have you realized yet that automation of your unsteady slow test cycles could be the answer for your project delays?
  5. Are you looking for an adequate solution for different platforms and technologies expertise?
  6. Are you on the hunt for tools which can be compatible with mobile technologies too?
  7. Do not have budgets for automating the entire ALM solutions?
If you are having the above problems and require a quick solution, Jenesys brings to you:
Magic Lamp
Magic Lamp is a static analysis tool which enables enterprises to test software more effectively and comprehensively, providing greater security for their organization. Magic Lamp provides automated detection of business-critical security, performance and reliability errors missed by traditional testing methodology.

Magic Lamp's technology is based on the latest research in inter-procedural data flow analysis. Using the best methods known by experienced programmers, it exercises binary Java code across multiple modules, layers for all paths, inputs and detects errors missed by testing.

Magic lamp solutions has delivered high value to organisations by reducing the cost of software defects, increasing reliability, identifying the causes of performance degradation, isolating security vulnerabilities, enforcing application-specific design and interface contract rules and lowering costs of software development and maintenance. For more information on Magic Lamp, visit:
IBM Rational Product Solutions
Jenesys has teamed up with IBM to offer a wide range of industry-leading solutions to meet the needs of any organization.

We have developed capabilities on IBM's ALM solutions, including software application lifecycle management, multiplatform development, and modernization for IT applications. Some of the highlights of these are:
  1. The Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management brings together the IBM Rational Requirements Composer, IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational Quality Manager in the unified jazz development platform to encourage cross-functional collaboration, which will help teams improve their time-to-delivery, quality, product value and predictability.
  2. Allows single or multiple entry points, creating opportunities at each phase of the software delivery and development lifecycles.
  3. Applicable for small or large teams
We help deliver quality throughout the software & systems lifecycle to help ensure the functionality, reliability, & performance of your software and systems in development & production.

The main areas which we focus on in providing product partner solutions are:
  1. Cross-platform Mobile Applications
  2. Collaborative Team-Based Development
  3. Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
  4. Collaborative Lifecycle Management.
  5. Rational Test Workbench
  6. Software and Systems Engineering
Solution benefits:
  1. IBM-based mobile foundation
  2. Speed up application time to value and reduce development cost with WebSphere
  3. IBM Endpoint Manager for mobility, security and patch management
  4. Faster software ROI with ALM
  5. Deliver higher quality software to minimize operational risk and cost
  6. Develop smarter products and systems
Jenesys's partnership with IBM enables us to offer a comprehensive automation product line for automating the IBM Rational Software Product solutions for your ALM solution. This product line includes:
  1. IBM Rational DOORS - This provides the requirements to manage complex and embedded systems.
  2. IBM Rational Requirement Composer (RCC) - The IBM RCC provides the requirements to manage and automate your business solutions with standard templates.
  3. IBM Rational Software Architect - This software is flexible, extensible and a user friendly platform for delivering high quality architectures.
  4. IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest - This product helps configure and change management solutions to suit the organisation's needs.
  5. IBM Rational Team Concert - This product helps improve team collaboration for more automated, transparent and predictive software delivery.
  6. IBM Rational Rhapsody Developer - This product helps to improve software delivery with a model-driven development environment.
  7. IBM Rational Publishing Engine - This product automates document generation from rational solutions and selects third party tools.
IBM's automation solutions for quality assessment and testing are collectively known as IBM Rational Testing Tools. This includes:
  1. Rational Functional tester: This is a functional and regression testing automation tool.
  2. Rational performance tester: This is a tool that tests the performance of the automation tool.
  3. Rational AppScan: This tool helps check the vulnerability of the automation tool.
Besides the above, the IBM Rational Test RealTime is a cross-platform solution for component testing and runtime analysis of embedded software.

We also provide partner solutions for IBM Worklight, which provides an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets.

IBM Social Business Solutions
Jenesys has joined hands for supporting IBM's Social Business AGENDA, which is a guide to help our customers undertake a social business strategy that addresses culture, process, technology, analytics and governance risk management. Customers can extend their reach by developing a social business agenda with guidance and solutions from IBM and its various partners.

IBM's social collaboration offerings help break down the barriers of office walls, borders, and continents. It helps bring the world to unite on the desktop and collaborate in a smarter and efficient way and get work done anywhere.

Leverage IBM, a mobile software for collaboration, is a tool which supports Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia and more platforms and devices. The IBM SmartCloud for a social business family offers an integrated suite of collaboration tools that combine business social networks with web conferencing and collaboration capabilities, such as file storing and sharing, document editing, instant messaging, and activity management. These affordable and user friendly social collaboration tools can help reduce costs, improve productivity, and spur growth and innovation.
HP Product Solutions
As an AllianceONE partner, Jenesys has access to virtualized systems that assist in the development efforts for migration and porting-related activities, debugging, analysis of customer support issues, and validation of operations in a virtual environment.

HP's product capabilities in business service management, IT service management, demand and portfolio management, quality assurance and performance validation, combined with our complementary services, deliver accurate business results that promote long-term customer success.

We are happy to announce the partnership with HP Software on their testing solutions market segment. We offer a wide range of product solutions and services around HP's functional testing and performance testing tools.

HP Testing Solutions:
  1. HP QTP/RFT : This tool is a functional regression testing solution
  2. HP Load Runner: This tool is a performance load testing solution
  3. HP Fortify : This tool is a security testing solution
These tools are designed to make sure your applications function efficiently and perform to business requirements in production. However these have to be tested before deployment. Also along with manual testing, for maximum reuse and efficiency, certain essential components should be automated. The test execution solutions from HP enable you to detect and fix application issues before going live, therefore eliminating any possibility of inefficiency so that you can deploy with confidence. Testing execution tests the application GUI layer as well as underlying components for end-to-end coverage, along with performance testing, to ensure excellent quality in production.
Borland-Microfocus Product Solutions
We are happy to offer product solutions and services around Borland's functional testing and performance testing tools.

Borland's product capabilities, ALM Lifecycle management solutions, and quality assurance and performance validation, combined with our consistent services, deliver technology solutions that promote gradient customer growth.

Test software quality the right way

In order to ensure that your applications perform to business requirements in production, a thorough test has to be conducted before deployment. Along with manual testing, for maximum re-use and efficiency, certain essential components should be automated. Borland's test execution solutions enable you to detect and fix application problems before going live, eliminating any possibility of inefficiency. Testing execution checks the application GUI layer as well as underlying components for end-to-end coverage, along with performance testing to ensure excellent quality in production.

Silk Test: Automating functional tests

The Silk Test is the fastest, most reliable, efficient and scalable test automation solution for development, quality and business teams, delivering quality software faster.

The Silk Test helps you to master the automation of complex technologies for your most critical applications.

Silk Performer: Application performance testing

The Silk Performer is an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your mission-critical applications meet performance expectations and service level requirements. Its cloud integration gives you the ability to quickly simulate massive loads without requiring investment in load testing hardware and setup.

It ensures customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, high performing applications.

Silk Central: Collaborative test management

The Silk Central test management collects, prioritizes and controls all aspects of testing and test management by automating collaboration across the organization to ensure you deliver higher quality software faster.
Microsoft Product Solutions
As a Microsoft-certified Partner, we at Jenesys can leverage Microsoft's fully integrated, mission-critical platform technologies and development tools to drive new revenue streams, accelerate time-to-market, reduce operational costs, and achieve better business agility and strengthen customer relationships.

At present, we have an ongoing product partner relationship with Microsoft.

Our targeted product solutions are:
  1. MS Office 365
  2. MS Prof Plus
  3. MS Exchange
  4. MS SharePoint
  5. MS Lync
  6. MS Dynamics
  7. MS Visual Studio
Oracle Product Solutions
As an Oracle Silver partner, we have access to the Oracle Partner Business Centre and a substantial set of benefits that enables it to develop, sell and implement Oracle's 1-Click product. The Oracle Partner Network also gives us exceptional resources to develop, sell, and implement the Oracle solutions portfolio to increase competitive positioning and profitability.

We are a certified Silver partner with Oracle to deliver Oracle database management solutions along with enterprise business product solutions.

Oracle Database
  1. Oracle Database 11g: The 11g database helps customers lower IT costs and delivers a higher quality of service by enabling consolidation onto database clouds and engineered systems like Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance. It's proven to be fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage for all types of database workloads.

  2. Data Warehousing: Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database 11g, complete with in-database advanced analytics, offer a fast, reliable, and cost-effective platform for data warehousing and business intelligence that is easy to scale to meet the complex reporting and analytics needs of organizations.

  3. Database Security: Oracle has delivered the industry's most advanced technology to safeguard data. Oracle provides a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to ensure data privacy, protect against insider threats and enable regulatory compliance for both Oracle and non-Oracle databases.
Jenesys also provides partner solutions for Oracle middleware solutions, Oracle ERP Product solutions, PeopleSoft, J. D. Edwards, Oracle CRM solutions, and Oracle enterprise business solutions.